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Social Butterfly Counseling is a private psychotherapy practice specializing in supporting children, families and adults in making healthy choices and creating positive change.


Coping with the stress and pressures of daily life can be challenging. We partner with other professionals and clinicians to create a support team for our clients so they do not have to go it alone. From managing major transitions like relocating and divorce to improving family dynamics, we help clients reconnect with their inner strength, reduce anxiety and conflict, heal their relationships and rediscover the joy in their lives.


We work with guidance counselors, teachers and administrators to help families navigate complicated school systems and access the resources they need. We provide children with tools to handle the expectations and issues they encounter in school and in relationships. We guide couples in exploring effective ways to co-parent and communicate with each other and their children. And we collaborate with pediatricians, school nurses, psychotherapists and other medical professionals to help our clients manage anxiety, depression and other forms of mental illness.


Issues we address in treatment include:




School Avoidance

Navigating complicated systems (Child Study Teams, working toward IEP, linkage to higher levels of care)

Peer relationships (bullying, conflict resolution, group dynamics) 

Disruptive behaviors

Anxiety, Depression and Bi-polar disorder

Transitions (relocation, separation/divorce, death of loved one, birth of sibling, new step parent)

Body image and distorted eating

Issues affecting individuals identifying as LGBTQ 


Sexual and Physical Abuse


Foster Care and Adoption



We also facilitate groups that educate participants about topics such as social skills, anger management, parenting and separation/divorce; as well as therapy groups for those dealing with anxiety and depression.

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